I’m weak and foolish but boy do I love ferrets

Me and nick abel are friends???

He’s not famous or anything he’s somebody who I knew from high school who was kind of a dumb bro but now he’s not dumb

Gumbleman killed the radio star


Captain, can you get us to Bagghar?

Tintin is my bf

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hahahhahahahahahhahaha im a nerd who is sexually attracted to dwarves and phil collins 

People are incredibly mean and rude on here, especially from the safety of anonymity

Like, to the point that i would fight them if they said those things in real life

let me see ur chest twerk





beer is so gross but i love it. i love that gross taste. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes

psa dont trust tates taste in anything yesterday she downed like half a bottle of “wine” that should more rightly have been called “one of jesus’ early failed attempts”


If you had brought it home I would hVE DRUNK IT

The disturbed music video for Land of Confusion is far less good than the original. Just like their version of the song.